AlterWave is a space to reflect on the most immediate political challenges around the globe and to gather the reciprocation of the socio-artistic discourse in the most vibrant way possible. We welcome all forms of new technologies, visual perspectives, social commentary or media cultures, all forms of designs, gaming graphs, transmedia and everything that we have missed to mention is welcome to this room of no boundaries.

The ongoing media architecture is rapidly transforming and mutating forms, platforms and structures. The exploration of media experience is constantly being challenged and rediscovered to find new terrains while innovating new networks of audiences and experience designers.

This program is a surface for unrestricted exercises that aims to expand the understanding of the definition of contemporary media and map the boundaries of its expansion in every possible way in the futuristic world.

The ideologies of AlterWave is to identify and nurture independent artists, media makers, scientists, and anyone in between with an extraordinary idea at the convergence of diverse forms of creative expression and to build a community of collaborators across disciplines and geographical boundaries.

AlterWave program at the World Cinema Carnival is an open corridor for everyone working with a transdisciplinary objective or media at any level of their career aiming to achieve dynamic programming in the multidimensional avenues of practice and implementation (on-going or time-based ) to intersect the conventional dichotomies of media culture and invent the ‘Unborn’ media/ medium through the research, orientation, curation and audience-oriented experience design in virtual or physical space.