Lot's son


“Lot’s Son” is structured in a series of blurry shots, often almost abstract that move along associated with the music, creating a flow of images that transports the viewer into a poetic-visual discourse of great intensity.

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Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:14:41
Country of Origin: Spain

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abn lut

The term “abn lut” is one of the words used to describe homosexuals for centuries in classical Arabic.

The word refers to the Prophet Lot who was preaching in the city of Sodom. In the Koran Sodom is called “qawm lut” (Lot’s people) referring to the prophet.

Beyond the Biblical connotations, the word “abn lut” is a derogatory name, and has been used today during the murder of homosexuals by both Daesh and the Taliban. Giving the poem/curse a new meaning.


Music, assembly and direction
Antonio Luque
Arabic’s Traslation:
Fatiha Messaoudi
English’s traslation:
Gemma Pallarés