After the mating of elements, two bodies grieve over a lost third: a child separated from their womb. The three bodies regain connection in a wombic journey, bound by their keratin. This spiritually networks the three into an eternal fusion of a collective body.

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Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:03:50
Country of Origin: UK

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Director's Statement

The experience of grief is a process of re-igniting connection, this is an experience my team felt coming out of lockdown in August 2021, each of us were going through slow recovery from a period of pain and longing. The body became an intimate surrounding, many unexperienced interactions becoming feverish vignettes in our dreamscapes – the source of which inspired a collective melancholy each of my group shared once re-emerging out of our homes.

Nature had become a more sentient setting, a recurring image many of us felt was the sensation of nature replacing our anatomy – which inspired our interest to create a film emphasizing the journey of connection through the elements of the body and soul.

When we first heard Gavin Higgins’ piece ‘Dacw ‘Nghariad I’ we were struck with a primordial nostalgia to a place which reminded our actors of their Nordic roots, which inspired the films’ aesthetical setting. We likened Keratin as a ‘spiritual-shamanic-sexual’ journey of assimilation, merging associations of the primordial, otherworldly, and mythological into a process of braided connection. We spoke of our characters like alchemical properties: bodies of atoms who through the struggle of their materials: flesh, hair, & milk would synthesize into a bond of elements.



Director & Writer
Charlie Jimenez, Catarina Dias Silva, Scarlett Wang, Stella Rosenkvist, Isobel O’Gorman

Stella Rosenkvist

Scarlett Wang

Charlie Jimenez, Scarlett Wang

Costume Design
Catarina Dias Silva

“Dacw ‘NghariadI” by Gavin Higgins
Performed by Thomas Gould

Charlie Jimenez: Child
Isobel O’Gorman, Stella Rosenkvist: Parents