Death by fantasies by mirrors


Of the morning, early, magnificent grave. Bewilderment, infatuated by sleep, passion, sunburned mouths, looking for antidotes. Otherwise, if not, long enough to keep the loves. Bird, rupture, mauve, white robin, very untraceable thing. Fill the air with rose or liquid water, falling, flowing. Wet with dew, watered fresh. Of roses, of pink color, rosy, ruddy, honey purple, crimson. Small beak. Buzzing of bees, noise; whispering. Of silk. Water clock. Day, daytime. Climate sky. Seduce, separate, divide eleven at a time. Outburst, cruelty. To see often or usually in yellow. This is unbearable, stuns. Death in 4, death in 2, worthless instructions to get away from things, to avoid reflections. Pressure, compression of the lips.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:13:03
Country of Origin: Canada

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Charlotte Clermont

Antoine Racine, Émilie Payeur