Buffalo Boys


Francis, a lovelorn middle-aged gay man, meets his over-confident friend Mark for dinner and braces himself against waves of unsolicited advice, trying to hold on to some sense of dignity. Their waiter, Rogelio, gets troubling news from back home; he needs to get married and get a green card so he can travel. The three men end up on a collision course of conflicting and overlapping needs and desires.

Artist Profile

Paul Sbrizzi

Paul Sbrizzi is an L.A.-based filmmaker and film programmer with many years of experience working for film festivals. He has directed short films which have played on the festival circuit in the U.S. and abroad. He has written numerous screenplays, including the queer quarantine comedy "Bubbles" and the 80s dark-comedy/romance "It's Raining Men." He also created the improv-based web series "Sticky Figures." He is the current and founding director of programming for the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival. He has programmed for Slamdance, L.A. Film Festival, AFI Fest and Outfest; he has worked in various capacities for Hamptons International, Tribeca, TCM Fest, IFFLA and FICG in Los Angeles.


ProducerLisa Talbot
DirectorPaul Sbrizzi
WriterPaul Sbrizzi
D.O.PJimena Muliah
EditorMochamad Felix Febianto
Key CastMichael Villalobos, Rodrigo Alfonso, Paul Sbrizzi