“One of us has to change” takes a whole other meaning in this short animation about fashion, gender dysphoria and acceptance; as we follow a singular protagonist narrating an internal struggle when a brown corduroy jacket makes its way into his closet.

Artist Profile

Russell Atkinson

Russell Atkinson is a stop motion animation and character designer from Newcastle, England. His love for the painfully mundane married with extraordinary visuals almost always is seen in his films; usually alongside genuine experiences or emotional wellbeing as a theme. Being a proud and effeminate gay male, he uses his productions to tackle often candid topics and attempt to capture realism in a more child-like gaze of film.


Director & Writer: Russell Atkinson
Producer:  Jolene Craggs, Arcus Animation Studios
Animation: Rachel Kehoe & Russell Atkinson
Character Illustration: Rachel Middleton & Russell Atkinson
Background Illustration: Ruby Kitching & Russell Atkinson