Memories in three colors


A couple believes in pragmatic love and not in eternal love. She finds out that she has cancer and decides to separate from her husband, to prevent him from suffering at her side; She looks for the situation in Venezuela as an excuse to migrate to Chile. He refuses to leave. She hides her illness from him, lies telling him that she doesn’t love him. After she is in Chile, he learns the truth; he calls her on the phone to tell her that she will go to her side.

Artist Profile

Argenis Herrera Sánchez

Argenis Herrera Sánchez is a Filmmaker. He studied at the Escuela Cine en Formación (Anaco, Venezuela 2013-2017) and the Diploma in Cinema at the Instituto de Altos Estudios Audiovisuales of the University of O'Higgins, Chile (2019-2020). He also has a degree in theater, mention in acting, 1995 - 2000, graduated from the University Institute of Theater (IUDET, Caracas, Venezuela). As a filmmaker, he has made 21 short films, having written, produced and directed 18 of them; in addition to 4 short films currently in pre-production His films have participated in various festivals in Venezuela, having obtained 36 national awards (Venezuela), and 15 Internationals.


Producer Argenis Herrera Sánchez
Director Argenis Herrera Sánchez
Writer Argenis Herrera Sánchez