The word “person” derives from the Greek “actor’s mask”. This is the main idea of the short film: our personality is nothing more than a mask. The story takes place in a Barcelona where everyone wears sanitary masks, and we conveniently use the metaphor to create a universe far the message. We attend the first date of a couple who have met through a contact app for movielovers. He is a pedant from beginning to end, that would produce rejection to anyone. But she is a true film-lover, easily impressed by her pseudo-intellectual façade. No one takes off their mask throughout the evening. They keep them even when they have sex. But in a moment of weakness, one of them decides to show the true face… This short had win the award “Best First Time Filmmaker” in Sicily Art Festival, Tokyo Shorts and Berlin Shorts.

Artist Profile


Simón Lorenzo (Ceuta, 1986) has a degree in Comparative Literature and Literature Theory from the University of Barcelona, ​​specializing in Intellectual History. In 2016 he received the Proyecto Pro's grant from Atresmedia that allows him to study the Master in Scriptwriting at the Rey Juan Carlos I University in Madrid. In 2017 he began to work at Ikiru Films, a production company based in Barcelona and responsible for the successful films "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", "Biutiful" or "El Niño" among many others. Although his practices were as Production Assistant in films like "Sara's Notebook", "Yucatán" or "The Marta's Journey"; in 2019 he moves into the Analyst and Script Coordinator for Ikiru Films and the Madrid production company La Terraza Films. Since then he has worked on projects such as the documentary "San Mao: the desert bride", "Adú", "Malnazidos", "Tad, the explorer 3" or "The laws of the border". In 2020 he becomes the person in charge of the project development area at Ikiru Films. In 2015 he participated in the 48encorto challenge, writing and directing the science fiction short "Delivery Point" in two days within the framework of the Young European Filmmakers Festival, receiving double awards. In 2016 he premiered "A cosmic disequilibrium", a micro-drama play directed by Darío Frías, which was performed in Madrid during June and July of the same year. He has created and directed various advertising campaigns such as, in 2020, "Val la pena", for the Catalan Rugby Federation, which encourages the practice of sport and the importance of federations in the social fabric. In January 2021 he shot his first short film as a director and screenwriter, "Person".