The precarity of a world wide mental health crisis is on a short waitlist after the assault of climate disasters, Covid19 and the economic crisis. How prepared is the world for this? We have collectively contributed to these circumstances, and must come to undo them. Mental health care is far too costly around the world, the dispensation of psychiatric drugs without mitigating repercussions seem to be the best and quickest dispense on hand. Faced with the high treatment cost or a comprised efficacy pill, what other resource can one have? Is this disease our next population culling after Covid19? For all the riches of capitalism, we leave mental health hanging at the edge of risk. With all the knowledge, information and stats of our century, is the unpreparedness going to be written into history as COVID-19 is? Pillwillwillpillpillwill is a music channelled visual mindscape of the depressed condition and intends a discussion on the issues concerning mental health.

Artist Profile

Gina Peyran Tan

Gina is a visual artist whose practice at present focuses on Moving Image. Her practice has seen her encountering discursive subjects and she works in video, moving visuals and video essays. Gina graduated from Royal College of Art with a Master of Arts in Comtemporary Art- Critical Practice.


Gina Peyran Tan – Director

Gina Peyran Tan – Writer

Gina Peyran Tan – Producer