Allison’s *very* first foray into electronic composition. For the visuals, she went going for ’70s TV station intro. 🙂

Artist Profile

Allison Tanenhaus

Allison Tanenhaus (she/her) is a New York–born, Boston–based digital glitch artist. She specializes in bold geometrics, kaleidoscopic color fields, trippy op art, thought-provoking truisms, anachronistic tech mashups, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her primary formats include retrofuturistic GIFs, loops, and music videos; abstract public art; street art cat stickers; and large-scale video projections. Source material consists of Allison’s original images, collected artifacts, and crowdsourced clips that she alters via smartphone (and occasionally AI). Made with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own. At a time when platforms pervasively cull personal data, she views creatively reclaiming files and devices as a radical act of autonomy, mindfulness, and personal ownership. Also looks way cool.


Written and Directed by Allison Tanenhaus

Music: Allison Tanenhaus