Radio Cu Cu


A radio station (Radio cu cu) collects images from video surveillance cameras found in the internet, on which it superimposes its own audio editing. The images come from all kinds of places: spa & bath houses, homes, streets, factories, radio stations, shops, buildings, and so on. The radio editor and hosts talk about their doubts in regard to the use of this type of images.

Artist Profile

Berio Molina

Berio Molina is an artist and filmmaker from Spain. He studied Fine Arts at University of Vigo and got his graduation in 2003. He finished a Master in Digital Art at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) in 2005, and a Master in Computer Graphic Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (New York) in 2009. He was a member of (soundscapes collective) from 2004 to 2016 as well as cofounder of the performance group Flexo and the free art collective (with whom he has created the Alg-a Netlabel, focused on experimental music). He has mainly worked in the fields of performance art, sound art and film. His work has been presented at international festivals like (S8) Mostra de cinema periférico, Curtocircuíto, Festival Márgenes, Istambul International Experimental Film Festival, LEM Festival in Barcelona. His work was also exhibited in museums and galleries like MARCO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo) in Spain, CGAC (Galician Center of Contemporary Art) in Spain, LABORAL in Spain, LCD in Portugal, Hong-Gah Museum in Taiwan, S.M.A.K. (City Museum of Contemporary Art) in Belgium, KUMU in Estonia or Fonoteca Nacional de México in México.


Director: Berio Molina

Editing: Berio Molina

Sound Design: Berio Molina

Producer: Acusmaser Films (Berio Molina)

Distributed: Acusmaser Films (Berio Molina)