Ms. Yoonrye, cook at the 7th Twins boutique in Gwacheon, South Korea, revitalizes her small business with a new soup recipe and an original advertising campaign.

Artist Profile

Valerio Maggi

Born in Rome in 1977, Valerio Maggi became passionate about the art of cinema while studying at the university. After the realization of small reportages and some short films, he worked on video editing in Italian public television (RAI) for about 8 years, in which he worked alongside dozens of television directors in the production of historical documentaries, current affairs reportages and TV series. . He abandons television to devote himself to cinema and theater in which he seeks and finds the opportunity to express his creative and artistic potential with short films and documentaries.

Iacopo Fulgi

Born in Italy and living in Marseille. Director, author and actor. In 2001 he founded Tony Clifton Circus, a theater and entertainment company of which he is director, author and performer. Create numerous shows that will be presented all over the world. Under the pseudonym of Ossiuri, Iacopo experiments in other artistic fields: he directs short films, creates sound installations, projects his films in an ephemeral red light drive-in.



ProductionBis, Ossiuri Film

Producer, Tony Clifton Circus
DirectorIacopo Fulgi, Valerio Maggi
WriterIacopo Fulgi
Key CastYoonrye KIm, Kango Lee, Spider-man, Sanghee Park, Jonghee Lee, Yangwon Lee, Seongkyn Park, Byeong hee Son, Oak Kyeong Kym