A purgatory unto itself, where a detective recollects the unfolded events from a night of terror and inevitably finds himself in the abyss of the memories long lost.

Artist Profile

Sohil Chhabra

Director, Writer, Editor and Visual effects Artist Sohil Chhabra, born Khanna, Punjab, India, on August 17th, 2000, started making movies from the age of Twelve. He began his professional career after gaining an Advance VFX certificate from Maya academy of advance cinematics. Having an understanding of editing and Visual effects helped him convey a bigger picture on a low budget. Stories driven by his memories fueled his passion for creating movies. The moving frames allowed him to preserve the amazing life stills captured by his eyes and artistically express them to the audience. In 2019, Sohil presented his first student film at 24 International awards, winning the bronze in Digital filmmaking. Later, in 2020, he was awarded the Viewer choice award for the best compositor, and he also won Silver with his team in the VFX challenge. Sohil Chhabra is an Indie filmmaker graduating from York University, Toronto. So far, he has directed several commercials and worked on various projects as an Editor, colorist and VFX artist.


Writer & Director: Sohil chhabra

Cast: Navdeep Bajwa, Zaavi Kaur, Navjeet Sandhu, Ankit Maan

Visual effects: Ajay Kumar, Sohil Chhabra

Modelling & Texturing: Kapil Thapa

Animation: Uday Vats

D.O.P: Shubham Sharma

Production: Vishal Singh