Vestiges of Home


A city has undergone such political changes that many of its citizens have to leave, and feel that they could no longer return. To them, their home city that they grew up in is no more than vestiges of memories which are slowly fading away.

Artist Profile

Lin Li

Originally from Hong Kong and now based in Scotland, Lin Li uses mainly moving image and sound in her creative practice. Her videos explore such themes as the concept of peace, political resistance, and transience as an existential essence. She has also produced works which focus on individuals who may be perceived as different from mainstream society. Lin's works have been shown in various festivals in the UK and internationally, such as the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Scotland), Experiments in Cinema (USA), IAWRT Film Festival (India), Oberhausen Film Festival (Germany) and many more.


Director: Lin Li

Image, sound and editing: Lin Li