“How wonderful death would be if it was offered by his hands” and “Respect the feeling of love wherever you encounter it.”, are some of Nitsa Gofa’s last words, as they were saved in her last suicide letters, just before she died at 24th of March 1925, age 17. She was a random girl. She died from love. We learn about her case from the newspaper’s archive of 1925.

This movie was made mainly at the underground canals of Athens and consists of a chapel of remembrance.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:28:00
Country of Origin: Greece

Artist Profile

Official Trailer


Direction – Script – Editing – Color & Sound Editing: Giorgos Efthimiou

Poetry: Nitsa Gofa

Monologues: Andreas Efstathiou

Director of Photography: Arion Kalogeras

Makeup Artist: Evi Chroni

Sound Recordists: Eirini Tampasouli, Jianni Papadakis, Areti Efstathiou

General Assistants: Areti Efstathiou, Christos Arvanitis, Aggelos – Konstantinos Afionis, Alexis Avlonitis, Vasou Pitsi, Meropi Laini, Dimitra Zigk

Music: Calude Debussy, kioy & me, Areti Efstathiou, Anosia, Edvard Grieg, Johan Sebastian Bach

Production: Kioyfilms

Kleio Papatzanaki – Xrysovergi, Evi Chroni, Kristina Kotsnits
Daphne Melanitou, Jianni Papadakis, Xarilaos Trouvas, Savvas Kokkinidis, Emmanuel Constantinides, Alexandros Paschalis, Lida Manousou Alexiou, Vasou Pitsi, Areti Efstathiou, Maria Themeli, Alcestis M. Aktipis, Vassia Paspali, Eleftheria Kazana, Christos Arvanitis, Giorgos Kioulos, Michalis Pachis, Eirini Tampasouli, Giorgos Efthimiou, and Boro