Darling Mother_B-side


“Darling Mother: Multiperspectivity“ is a feminist-dance theater-participatory performance. The film discusses motherhood and how a woman is formed when conforming to social structure.

The meaning of B-side can be associated with the words ‘beside’ or ‘besides’, as well as referring to the B-side of a cassette tape. A cassette has two sides. Side A and Side B. The A side of a cassette has the main content. The B-side of the cassette is often never listened to. This film explores the B-side. An experimental and documentary approach is utilized to reveal the easily overlooked aspects.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:11:44
Country of Origin: Taiwan

Artist Profile

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Artistic and Creative Team | L.I.N. Presents

Producer & Artistic Director

LIN Li-Ting, LIANG Yen-Yi, KAO Yung-Chieh, HSU Pei-Yun, CHIU Chien, LI Yi-Xuan, LI Yu-Chi

Stage Manager
CHEN Jen-Fang

Stage Manager Assistants
CHIN Yi-Jie, CHANG Chi-Shin

Set Design Consultant
CHANG Hao-Yuan

Lighting Design
CHANG Shan-Ting

Lighting Staffs
HE Chih-Chung, LIN Wei-Chen, Lo Che-Yeh

Music Design
AY Chia-Yu

Costume Design

Costume Management
KE Cai-Yu

Executive Producer & Rehearsal Assistant
Chen I-Ling

HUANG Hsin-Yi, HUANG Chin-Chi

Camera Operator & Editor
LI Yu-Chi

Zoom Operator
LIU Yu-Wen

Graphic Design
YU Pei-Chi

Lyu Ogawa

Wet Base | venue, L.I.N. Presents

National Culture and Arts Foundation, Ministry of Culture, NTUA Higher Education Cultivation Project Office of Cultural and Creative Industry

Special Thanks
Taiwan Women’s Center, Dance on Fluid, Awakening Foundation, National Taichung Theater, National Taiwan University of Arts

Special Thanks:

WANG Wen-Yu, JU Ying-Peng, WU Yi-Hsuan, WU Shu-yu, WU Chia-Ling,

LEE Shao-Ting, WANG Tien-Yuan, HUNG Ching-Kuan, CHUANG Ni-Ni, CHUANG Duo-Duo,

CHUANG Chen-Hsing, KUO Li-Ping, Tan Yu-Rung, HUANG Yun-Tung, YANG Kuei-Chuan,

KE Yu-Fang, Kuan Yi-Hsiang, TSAI Yi-Ling, LAI Tsui-Shuang, SU Chien-Ling, SU Pin-Wen