Commodity Trading: Dies Irae


A void in time-space is opens as bitter spirits circle one another searching for the Numb Spiral. The double of reality knocks the USA off the map.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 01:27:00
Country of Origin: USA

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Director's Statement

This media drug is intended to radicalize consciousness.


M. Woods

M. Woods
J. Gray

M. Woods
Harry Eskin
Steve Girard
Cory Mack

Key Cast
M. Woods as “Jaldaboath” in “Dailies from Dumpland, Body Prop, An Infinite Loop for Resistance”
Sonya Seva as “The Projection”
Josh Gray as “Josh”
Lauren Paige as “Lo”
Annmarie Woods as “Annmarie/Virgil”