Mimmo Ippolito doesn’t cut his nails, he has too much to think about. From his trullo, a round house with a pointed roof, he paints, draws, sings and writes stories. His world is made of scrub and prickly pear trees. Time is not of his concern. Mimmo is the keeper of the Cosmos horses.

Artist Profile


Florian Maricourt (1990) is a French artist, filmmaker, and photographer. From fieldwork close to ethnography, he pursues artistic and experimental research on the possibilities of inhabiting the world, away from the system and the dominant modes of representation. His films are distributed by the Collectif Jeune Cinema, an experimental cinema distribution structure, and shown in exhibitions and festivals, in France and abroad.

Calypso Debrot

Calypso Debrot deploys a work and a polymorphic artistic research. Between experimental cinema, performances and installations, she addresses the question of the transmission of knowledge and know-how through the ages. The moving image, very present in the form of documentaries, filmed newspapers, experimental films or even video installations is very often the medium through which everything is articulated and takes on meaning. His films are distributed by the Collectif Jeune Cinéma, and broadcast in festivals, but also shown in collective or personal exhibitions.


Director Florian Maricourt & Calypso Debrot​