Lull is about a hushed escapade, slow travel. The artist Mathilde Magnée combined her passion for horses and the great outdoors and set out on an adventure. Over the course of two long summers, she trekked over more than 1000 km on ex-racehorses giving them a new outlook on life. A photographer from France stepping into foreign territory; the wilderness of the Canterbury and Marlborough regions. A stranger to the land and to the people, she passed through small towns to high country stations. She got lost in the moments of living and let the sun and the moon illuminate her path.

Artist Profile

Mathilde Magnée

Mathilde Magnée is a French photographer artist born in 1989. During her studies at ESADMM, Mathilde Magnée was selected to participate in a one-month workshop led by Antoine D’Agata in 2011 in Marseille. In 2012, with her diploma work Canopée, she obtained a grant from the City of Marseille to produce his first personal exhibition at the Vol de Nuit gallery. Mathilde Magnée then pursued higher education at the school of photography in Vevey (CEPV) in Switzerland where she also graduated in 2014. Her studies led her to write two memoirs; “confrontation, fiction, narration, contemporary photography" and "romantic reminiscences in photography contemporary”.


Director: Mathilde Magnée