Of Other Spaces


Through episodes that display a high degree of idiosyncrasy, we follow a stranger who creates an imaginary order which serves to stress his inexistence elsewhere. The film is a personal documentary that represents a constellation of past time and suspended time while attempting to explore the Foucauldian phrase ‘a placeless place’.

Artist Profile

Sibi Sekar

Sibi Sekar was born on April 29th, 1997 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Sibi fell in love with cinema at an early age upon viewing the works of artists such as Luis Buñuel and Sergei Parajanov. Sibi began making experimental films and directed a few short films ("Thoughts Out Of Season", “Night Train Light On Track“, “Teal City” and "Representation") while doing his postgraduation in Humanities and Social Sciences. He launched the SSSW banner during the 2020 pandemic and made a few more short films ("On Floating Bodies", "The Tale of the Entry/Exit", "you are, i am" and "Of Other Spaces") under said banner. They have been screened at over thirty festivals across five continents. He usually works on explorative films that are primarily an ascetic representation of resistance and the thematic dispositions of his films concern the symbolic depiction of being, nothingness and the transcendental space.


Director Sibi Sekar
Writer Sibi Sekar
Producer Sibi Sekar
Cinematography Sibi Sekar
Editing Sibi Sekar
Key Cast Sibi Sekar

Director's Statement

The film can be described as a subjective documentary of several dispersed thoughts gleaned from a personal experience in my life. The day I read ‘Of Other Spaces’ by Foucault, the phrase ‘a placeless place’ began to echo all over me. The obsession to see myself “there where I am absent” significantly contributed in my process of constructing this film. I initially planned the film as a disjointed compilation of my desperate attempts to find utopia, but towards the end, the disjointedness began to feel like spheres of madness within a unidimensional expanse.

Following are two statements that significantly inspired me throughout the process of making the film.

“In a world without boats, dreams dry up.”
― Michel Foucault

“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.”
― Jean-Luc Godard