Open Forum

Open Forum is a surprise ground where discussions are not restricted to conversation alone as a medium. It comprises of two sections, namely Because Of (& In Spite Of) and Vibration, moderated and curated by Amrit Paul and Priyanka Das respectively.

The former will host a panel consisting of artists and practitioners who engage and sustain in and around conversations about global climate change and the climate anxieties that surround it, which, in turn, get reflected in their art and practices. 

The latter is a side-bar program consisting of 3 artists and musicians belonging from the world of alternative/experimental sound art, in short 20mins session hosted on Twitch, spread over the course of the festival with an aim to bring more versatility to the coalescence of sound, digital, visual and textual art forms.

The Open Forum is not meant to be limited by any preconceived notions about the way it could unfold to engage in conversations and performances represented by voices from across the globe.

Because Of (& In Spite Of)

The earth is headed for a seemingly inevitable & irreversible climate change. The lives and livelihoods of many are at stake. The planet might go on, we may not.


Vibration, is a curated alternative music stage that will take Place during the 2022 World Cinema Carnival.