Angelos At Christmas


It is Christmas Eve. While his friends are in his house preparing a Christmas party, Angelos is in the streets of Athens for some last-minute shopping.When a group of children enter a bookstore to sing Christmas carols, Angelos is intrigued by one of them. He attempts to convince the little boy to go with him in his car. The boy, Agim, decides to follow the stranger. The child seems to be escaping his own dark reality.As the sun sets, the boy falls asleep, the car slides toward the woods, Angelos drives to a mysterious destination.

Artist Profile

Fotis Zampetakis

Fotis Zampetakis was born in Athens, Greece. He earned a BA in communi-cation studies from Coventry University and an MA in film studies from the University of East Anglia. He has worked as an assistant director in feature films and documentaries. His script #Ursus the Invincible” was awarded aSpecial Mention in the Short Film Script Lab organized by the Greek Film Center and Creative Europe Media in 2016. #Angelos at Christmas” is hisfirst short film. He currently lives in Madrid.


ProducerARTemis Productions and Greek Film Center
DirectorFotis Zampetakis
WriterFotis Zampetakis
D.O.PKostas Stamoulis
EditorNikos Gavalas

Director's Statement

“What I love about Christmas are the colorful lights at night; neon stars and angels hanging above city streets; children singing carols; glimpses of people through the bright windows of their houses; sweets of cinnamon and sugar by a fireplace; hugs ex-pressing gratitude and love. But I have also embraced the inherent melancholy and loneliness that Christmas holds. It is meant to be celebrated among loved ones, among family, but for some this is unbearable or unachievable. Absence, loss and contempla-tion mingle with the hope that Christmas brings.“I am also always attracted by contradictions and the unexpected. An honest, warm smile on a hard face. Evil lurking through acts of kindness. Harshness co-existing with tenderness. Wild beasts protecting one of their own. A light flickering through the darkest night. Stories that catch us by surprise challenge our certainties, open our minds and our senses, drive us to a place beyond our comfort zone.“I wanted to create a dark Christmas tale with a twist. A Christmas story based on my land, Greece, where children fill the streets under the bright winter sun to sing carols, in shops and houses. Most of these children follow this custom with carefree inno-cence. Some children, however, are not that fortunate. In this story, a mature man and a young boy meet in the streets of Athens. While other people are preparing to celebrate the night among their loved ones, Angelos and Agim, two strangers, as if in a silent conspiracy, decide to join their paths to an unknown destination. Their true motives are untold. What drives Angelos away from Christmas celebrations to persuade this boy to get into his car? What reasons does Agim have to follow the smiling, tall man? Sliding away from the city, to the darkness of the woods, perhaps the two are looking for a place where they belong.