Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was one of the active Italian artists during 1593 till 1610. His paintings which were combination of realistic observation of human state both physical and mental, had a formative influence on Baroque painting. The subjects of his paintings were Christian ones. There is a deep and metaphoric relation between philosophy of Caravaggio paintings (The incredulity of saint Thomas and The sacrifice of Isaac ) and phases of Coronavirus disease. Caravaggio hurts for our recuperation. In order to show us the whole picture of the world, he bothers us. Caravaggio could still have a prophetic figure for our Contemporary world. This collection was designed in 9 parts.

Artist Profile

Navid memar & Mahdi Hosseinzadeh

Amata studio(Navid memar & Mahdi Hosseinzadeh) was established in 2015. This group is looking for a performance experience based on history, tradition and vernacular culture of Iran and common global issues among all nations. amata's intellectual structure is based on the experiences of Robert Wilson and Jerzy Grotowski. Its activities include theater,picture theatre, film, video, photography, installation and micro theatre. The role of visual arts, especially painting, in the works of the amata studio is a representation of importance of picture and referring to a common visual memory among all the people around the world.


Director(s): Navid memar & Mahdi Hosseinzadeh
Writer: Navid memar
Producer: Amata Studio