Cycle of Quarantine


In the days of quarantine, endless repetitions had to lead us to madness. All that remains is a fantasy world where nightmares and pseudo dreams intertwine.

Artist Profile

Elif Turan

Elif Turan was born in 1994 in Eskişehir. She completed her Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in cinema and television. Elif works professionally as a director's assistant in the film industry. She is pursuing her passion for film since primary school. Next to her professional career, she is also making independent short films. Her first short film Memory (2020), won multiple awards at national and international film festivals.


Producer Elif Turan
Director Elif Turan
Writer Elif Turan
Editor Elif Turan

Director's Statement

With the idea of birds that make a sound are birds, being far from the outside world has been quite challenging for everyone during the quarantine. Being stuck in our homes created lots of anxiety that has to be expressed. Social distancing has distanced us from our nature. All that left is dreaming to be free and be one with nature again.