My Name is I Killed Macbeth


We have to kill our grandfathers and grandmothers.

We have to fire the sacred rules and the ancient texts.

We have to spit on their graves.

Die Macbeth, die!

Artist Profile

Giorgos Efthimiou

Giorgos Efthimiou is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is making films since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film. His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals. He is making visuals for live music shows, dance shows, and performances. In theater, he directs and sometimes play in performances with the group MetATiLIthi. As performer he also collaborates with the groups Anosia. He has self-published two poetry books, and some of his writings has been invluded in theater in stage performances by the teams Kosmoi apo Gala and Frear. Also he is founder & curator at Pugnant Film Series, a diy effort of screening and promoting the worldwide independent cinema.


DirectorGiorgos Efthimiou
WriterMochamad Felix Febianto
D.O.PGiorgos Efthimiou, Eirini Tampasouli, Vasou Pitsi, Areti Efstathiou, Thanos Thiriou, Konstantinos Aggelos Afionis
EditorGiorgos Efthimiou
SoundEirini Tampasouli, Vasou Pitsi, Giorgos Efthimiou

Director's Statement

The motivation to make this film was an invitation by the filmmaker Khavn dela Cruz to participate on his collective project “Makbetmaximus

The idea of Khavn’s project was a rap opera on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. So I decide to connect rap with greek rhapsody, and set the film in ancient theaters. For these reasons, i decide to use the spoken word in a rhapsody direction. Also I decide to connect the street culture of rap with the street culture of theatrical troupes. So we filmed in a really free form. We worked in a few days of shooting. We filmed in public spaces or on forbidden spaces. We set up some retro or theatrical costumes in a guerilla way. We moved all together like caravan. We worked someway like a theatrical commune. We moved fast.

About the play, was a lot of time since I had read this book, so I decided to read it again to refresh my impressions. But the situation in Greece, with the book delivery thing during the covid-restrictions was really bad. All the orders delivered very slow. Probably after two months, or later. The deadline of the project was coming. This factor affects a lot the structure of the film. Because I decide to base this film on some ideas that I like, that are about the need of destroying the monuments of the past, to create some more free space on the present. Not for Macbeth especially. Giorgos Makris, with his manifesto “Proaggeloi of Chaos” has expressed the need of destroying the Acropolis. His opinion is that the historian, the academic and the government interests use the monuments to enslave the public opinion in a specific direction that they like. This factor don’t leave the people to have an alive interaction with the monuments. To keep them alive in their day life. The monuments trend to be something bigger than themselves. Heavy symbols. So, the destroying of them is an action of freedom. It’s not only for the Acropolis, but for anything that have been used from the humanity in such a brutal way. Destroying the monuments, in Makris’ opinion, is a way to set free the present from the past. On this point of view, i make a film in the need to kill the ancient heroes. Particular, Macbeth.

Macbeth is dead. He is dead. He is dead. He is dead. Nice, we will kill him again!