Open Eyes In Shadow


Opening and closing a door. Opening and closing the eyes. The lighthouses of a shadow illuminate the secret under my bed Like eyes in the shadow.

Artist Profile

Rrose Present

Rrose Present was born in Barcelona where she graduated in Fine Arts for the University of Barcelona. Beca Séneca audio-visual UPV. She also holds a Masters degree in Philosophy of Contemporary Art from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Fundació Miró. Rrose combines experimental video, curated and a reflection theoretical about the image .She works the images from a double sense / meaning of the reality: the PRESENTIAL (camera in hand) using the body as a tripod for her emotions, and the RE-PRESENTATION with the NET Found Footage to digest the images of the GLOBAL ARCHIVE with the series "video 'without-camera"' reinterprets 'camera-world'. From very conceptual beginnings her work leaves the literalness of the images to penetrate into the medial and formal experimentation, with the conscious and unconscious paths that these open. In the present he brings his research on image and sound closer to positions in the language of experimental cinema.


Shooting, editing & sound: Rrose Present

Music: Oriol Perucho