That Same Old Station


Luiz goes back to Cuba and records the sounds of the island with an old sound recorder. On a magnetic band, he builds memories and affections in a place where the recent arrival of the Internet coexists with old amateur radio operators.

Artist Profile

Luiz Lepchak

Luiz Lepchak is a Sound Composer for film, best known for Para La Guerra (2018), Mães do Derick (2020) and Mirador (2021). He was born in 1990 in Southern Brazil. He has studied Cinema at EICTV in Cuba and Sound Production at University Federal of Paraná. In Brasil he has worked as a cultural producer from 2012 to 2014 in Sesc Paço da Liberdade, where he produced many music concerts during this time. Since 2014 he is working essentially with Cinema, collaborating as a Sound Designer and Composer in over 50 films of a variety of genres and backgrounds, many of which have also been seen and heard at important film festivals across the globe (IDFA, San Sebastián, Mar del Plata, Torino, Havana). As a Composer, he has also created the "Cáfila Sounds" brand that scores experimental soundtracks for archive footage. As a Director, he has shot "That Same Old Station", a documentary about nostalgia through sound and radio waves in Cuba.


Direction & Sound:  Luiz Lepchak
Production: Jade Azevedo, Luiz Lepchak (Piranha Filmes)
Cast: Yaya Millán, Luis García, Omar Esiel, Valentina Checotolina, Luiz Lepchak
Film Editing: Aristeu Araújo
Photography: Alejandro Perez, Flávio Rebouças
Original Song: El Ungido
Color Grading: Daniel Rodriguez
Foley Artist: Tulio Borges
Graphic Design: Dora Suh
Translations: Julia Scrive-Loyer