The Hook You Will Not Bite


In the banks of the Victoria River, a fish merchant buys the product of the humble fishermen who inhabit the islands of the province of Entre Ríos (Argentina). In exchange for their fishing, he offers them a small amount of food in return.

Artist Profile

José David Apel

José David Apel was born on March 21, 1984. He studied film and television at the Superior Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts Fernando Birri, Santa Fe. Audiovisual producer, musician and writer. He has attended the international clinics of: Bolivia Lab Guión (Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2016, 2018, 2021). LabGuion Cinefilia (Medellín Colombia 2018). Documentary Incubator (Buenos Aires INCAA, 2018), Raymundo Gleyzer (Buenos Aires and Córdoba INCAA, 2018 Argentina) and International screenwriting clinic at "The fantastic experimental latino theater", tutor Rafael Urrea, Colombian Screenwriter (NY, USA 2021). He has edited two literary works: "Montefiore" (Editorial Croquis 2009) and "Love exists by binding leagues in the heart" (Milena Caserola 2010). Among his works, he has a medium-length documentary titled TOTAMATE, from which he created the soundtrack and recorded a musical album. He currently works as a scriptwriter and director in the development of two fiction films and a documentary feature film and performs the tasks of Production Assistant in different audiovisual productions.


Producer: José David Apel and Daniel Hechim
Director: José David Apel
D.O.P: José David Apel and Octavio Reyes
Editor: José David Apel
Sound: Octavio Reyes