The Undefeated


The Undefeated is an original series of 15 animated shorts created by the Franco-Indian NGO TARA, the film director Dorothée Adam, and the students of GOBELINS, the School of Images. The movies are inspired by true stories and events experienced by the children of TARA in South Delhi. They aim to raise public awareness of the value of education and child
protection in India.

Artist Profile

Dorothée Adam

Director, journalist and cinematographer, Dorothée Adam has directed many films on political, environmental, and social issues. For the past 20 years, she has regularly carried out volunteer missions in India for associations supporting children including NANBAN, Father Ceyrac's Trust, Paraman Keni and Chemins d'Enfances. In 2010, she created the association An Eye for An Eye which initiates long-term between children around the world. Through this partnership, the NGO TARA, the GOBELINS animation school and Dorothée Adam have been working together on "The Undefeated", a project advocating for child protection in India and the work done through TARA programs.


Director(s): Laurelyne Leneutre & Emilie Leboucq

Writer: Dorothée Adam

Sound: Cyril Trigaux