Chicken Dinner


Made during the COVID-19 pandemic, this film is a play on ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’, a phrase often used by Australians to celebrate personal victory. It reflects on the selfishness that was prevalent in Melbourne as we headed into each lockdown. With panic-buying stripping supermarket aisles bare, even those who wanted to take the moral high ground began to think – if you can’t beat them, do you join them?

Artist Profile

Natasha Cantwell

Spanning music video, fashion photography and art projects, Natasha Cantwell’s work openly embraces awkwardness while drawing from the absurdity of human behaviour. Her 16mm experimental films have screened at festivals and exhibitions worldwide, including Experiments In Cinema in the U.S. and the European Media Art Festival and Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival For Expanded Media in Germany. Holding a Bachelor of Graphic Design and a Postgraduate Diploma in Art and Design from the Auckland University of Technology, Cantwell has guest lectured at Unitec and the Manukau Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. She has also presented at Semi Permanent Design Conference in Sydney, Australia as the senior photographer for Frankie Magazine. Alongside her art practice, she produces and curates for festivals and galleries, including the Auckland Underground Film Festival, Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival and the Victorian Archives Centre Gallery.


Director Natasha Cantwell
Music Reilly Smethurst, Mathias Pontévia