The Pursuit of Pseudopoet Lefkios and 3 Poems


According to the legend, none have seen him. But he has already published two books. His name is Lefkios and we are looking for him.

Artist Profile

Giorgos Efthimiou

Giorgos Efthimiou is a filmmaker, writer, stage director & curator. He is making films since 2011, he has made several short films and one feature film. His films have been screened and awarded in several international film festivals. He is making visuals for live music shows, dance shows, and performances. In theater, he directs and sometimes play in performances with the group MetATiLIthi. As performer he also collaborates with the groups Anosia. He has self-published two poetry books, and some of his writings has been invluded in theater in stage performances by the teams Kosmoi apo Gala and Frear. Also he is founder & curator at Pugnant Film Series, a DIY effort of screening and promoting the worldwide independent cinema.


Producer Kioyfilms
Director Giorgos Efthimiou
Writer Giorgos Efthimiou
Sound Giorgos Efthimiou, Vilma Kokka

Director's Statement

You can be looking for someone either to find him or not. So, from the very first moment of my research, I had no intention to find poet Lefkios.

His poems were my guide on this search, poems that praise both the ideal of man-god and homosexual love. Homosexual love, as appeared in the laical people and the folk songs at the end of the last century. Guilty, forbidden and thus revolutionary. With no intention to be related with the modern-activist-queer demands.

His prose is full of folk idioms and elements of local traditions which are eradicated in our globalized modern-day era. Today these kind of things are flagged as old-fashioned, brutal or violent.

His language is fresh and direct, turbulent and reckless, almost offending in the predominant politically correct context.

I tend to believe that Lefkios has chosen, as a sign of mourning, not to appear in this world. It looks like he is part of another one that is slowly fading away.

So, I feel that I had a mission not to find him. Who am I to go against his choice?

In this movie I am searching for Lefkios, not to find him, but to expose random people to his poems and to his world.  To tickle my fellows’ armpits with the feathers of a ghost. And finally, just to visualize some of his poems, with no hope to meet him, but with a kind of certainty that we have already met.

“Even in monastery//you will get bored of the people// So stay// here eremite// let me come and chant you”