Remendo (Mend)


ZÉ carries a burden. Why do you keep on mending all these things that are not worth it anymore?

Vila Velha, 2022. ZÉ is a black bisexual middle-aged man who owns a repair shop in a suburb of Brazil. As a new tenant arrives at his mother’s hotel, he talks to ancient African deities, trying to solve his love affair and self-love issues. However, an old friend is always trying to keep him doing the same things as always.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Fiction Short
Work length: 00:20:00
Country of Origin: Brazil

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Director's Statement

“MEND” is about healing the colonial trauma of subalternity and releasing the desire to establish a debt relationship with others as the only way to get affection and to be desired. It is about letting go of the introjected white ego and to remember the possibility of a free life beyond the notion of freedom of modernity. It is about a new story.

When there is a need to mend, we know that something is missing or not complete. With this work, we intend to set self-love as a political tool for racialized people, to rescue autonomy, and to develop an anti-colonial identity. Burn the addiction, burn yourself.


with Royce Luckessy, Leia Rodrigues, Jordan Fernandes, and Pedro Henrique Oliveira

Screenplay, Direction, and Editing
Roger Ghil
1st Assistant Director
Carol Covre
Executive Producer
Izah Candido
Production Director
Melina Leal Galante
Production Assistant
Ana Pagan
Willian Rubim
1st Cinematography Assistant
Pedro Monteiro
2nd Cinematography Assistant
Luiza Grillo
Sefas Baptista
Gaffer Assistance
Marcus Vinicius Supeleto, Luana Brito, and Daniel Rubim
Direct Sound
Natalia Dornelas
1st Assistant Sound
Gisele Bernardes
Sound Design
Roger Ghil, Gisele Bernardes, and Alessandra Lima Felix
 Sound Editor
Gisele Bernardes
Alessandra Lima Felix
 Mixing Assistance
Ricardo Ton
Art Director
Thais Rodrigues
Art Assistance
Danilo Porphirio (Cabelo)
Make-up and Beauty
Royce Luckessy
Costume Designer
Anielle Paola Collor
Grading and Mastering
William Rubim
Poster Picture
Karol Abouts
Distribution Support
Vale Encantado Filmes