I Wonder If Daylights Were White Nights or Something Childish But Very Natural


In the State of ‘Land Knownable’, ‘The Building’ AKA ‘The Center’ is the only existing structure. Gaze, a (non)entity recruited by ‘The Building’, shadows and observes two (human)beings named Regine Olsen and Man Ray. Gaze creates moving image reports to assess their cerebral resistance to spectatorship.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Experimental
Work length: 00:41:30
Country of Origin: India

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Director's Statement

“Love is eternal, the path to love isn’t”. The film revolves around a couple, Regine Olsen and Man Ray, who are two artists living in exile. A strange stillness surrounds the couple as they are followed by a mysterious spectator, Gaze, for reasons that aren’t apparent to them. The film is an aftertaste of suspended movement and electrified stillness where the characters undergo a classical mode of portraiture. The questionably human subjects are on the verge of being absorbed into a static life, yet they hint signs of passion and aggression. Existing in a world where identities are subverted, the film is also a form of psychodrama where the ‘actors/humans’ playing ‘characters/humans’ are themselves unaware of phasing in and out of their respective roles. They are incongruously melancholic for no apparent reason.


Concept, Writing, Editing, Direction
Sibi Sekar
Samyuktha Viswanathan, Akash Menon, Uddish Pasupathy