Faith of life


Faith of Life is a testimony of existence; images that raise the question about the condition of the self in apparently ordinary reality while showing the poetry of the mystery that we breathe.

Artist Profile

Centro del Movimiento Creador

The Centro del Movimiento Creador (CMC) is an artistic institute created by Juan Carlos De Petre, also director of Teatro Altosf. Its members are professionals in various scientific and humanistic fields and are dedicated to creating in different artistic disciplines using the method of "Unknown Art"; which has an unprecedented approach towards the creative process and its possibilities.

CMC-FILM is part of this institution and is formed by film professionals dedicated to the research of new experimental languages in this area. It began its activities in the year 2000 and has completed more than 15 productions.


Producer Centro del Movimiento Creador
Director Centro del Movimiento Creador
Writer Centro del Movimiento Creador