There Is A Willow Grows Aslant A Brook


‘There Is A Willow Grows Aslant A Brook’, journeys into the forest at night, where corporeal memories are unveiled and (re)discovered. Concrete spaces suppose a barrier between corporeal experience and dreams. Stillness delineates limits between the female body and violence of constructed spaces, whilst action and movement confuses those limits, creating the illusion of eliminating the physical presence. It is through both forms of existence that the film makes sense of the feminine experience. The camera fluctuates between those spaces and the forest, where nature allows us to navigate its dreams. The film stares into a void, which, if one looks into closely, they will see themselves reflected at the bottom.

Artist Profile

Sofía Peypoch

Sofía Peypoch (1994, MEXICO) currently studies Cinematography at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in Mexico City, and has taken workshops with artists like Antoine D’Agata, Sohrab Hura and Joan Fontcuberta. Her work contrasts the feminine experience with the deepness of the forest, and the violence of constructed spaces. Silence is constantly framed by a voice —whether it be written or spoken— whose presence generates quietude. She works with text and looks for it to become part of the landscape, and not just information by itself. Her work invites the viewer to experience it through their sensations and corporeal experience. She is currently working on a new film and writing a poetry book.


Director Sofía Peypoch
Writer Sofía Peypoch
D.O.P Sofía Peypoch
Editor Sofía Peypoch
Sound Fernando a. de la Rosa

Director's Statement

This film came from the need to transform —and transmute— my own sorrow into an object that released me from the experience, and also serves as a mirror for those in front of it.