Shivering Wall


Amidst the chaos of a bustling nightclub, a bewildered protagonist contemplates their wakefulness, sensing that they are not alone in their consciousness. A distress call disrupts their thoughts, and they hear the plea of an innocent boy, urgently seeking salvation. Wrestling with the burden of their own past, they decide to face the challenge ahead. In an attempt to confront the unknown, they purchase a ticket and step into the nightclub, where overwhelming noise and vibrations engulf them. As they navigate through the frenetic environment, an eerie tingling sensation spreads from their feet to their stomach, awakening a profound sense of hunger – a hunger that seems to embody the enigmatic essence of the night.

Entry Information
Entry Category: Video Arts and Free Style
Work length: 00:10:00
Country of Origin: Taiwan

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Director's Statement

It’s a self-examined process for assessing your present time. In the regular bass sound surround space, you could find there are a few teenagers having a madness house party, and there’s a girl awake but exhausted for being there. There’s a slightly smog or light gently but regularly moving in the space. The smog represents a spiritual presence inside the space – it could be the spiritual from you or others. It’s like you are just at a conference or a party, and suddenly there’s something pulling your spirit away from your body. It makes you look at yourself from a different angle, but you’re still in the group. 

What would you do and what’s the connection between you and others? If the smog was another you – a same existence from another world – looking at your body in this group full of chaos and desire, however, there’s nothing you can change as a member of this group. All you can do is silently look down at your body and move away quietly. 


If the smog wasn’t you but an outsider to this whole group of people, you are paralyzed to make any specific change in the group, although your body is still there. What should you do and what would you do? You are just upon there, silently away from all these scenes made by human beings. 

There’s certainly no right or wrong answer for this topic. This just points out the way how you look at yourself. It’s a discussion about the existence of yourself – what makes you become the present existence and what track you would leave in your life.


Director and Producer: Tseng Yu Chin