Curated by: Priyanka Das

Vibration, is a curated alternative music stage that will take Place during the 2022 World Cinema Carnival. This program is designed to showcase the under-represented music/sound artists who experiments and expand the practice of sound, music beyond just entertainment tool. In this year program, 3 musicians from various parts of the world will showcase their work virtually, either via pre-recorded live audio or video performances. The primary purpose of "Vibration" is to create a space where alternative sound artists can share their work and reinforce a dialogue between different modes of alternative video, textual, visual art practices with sound art and music practices. By re-enforcing this connection, as a global collective we are creating a space for fresh new creative expressions that inspires, heals, and brings people together to reimagine the essence of collective compassion and foster beyond individualistic care for ourselves and others.

Feature Artists

Kristine Leschper

Kristine Leschper is an interdisciplinary artist working in sound, text, image, and performance. Her work positions itself around the spectacle of the human condition, deeply interested in questions of meaning-making, womanhood, socio-ecological systems, and the wielding of power. Her personal philosophies around music-making approach the sonic landscape as an object with shape, dimension and weight. She has presented over 250 live performances across the US, UK, and Europe. 

Born in Urayasu (Chiba) and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Ichiko released her first album, Kamisori Otome (Razor Girl), in 2010, aged only 19, and went on to receive much acclaim for her folksy, jazz-influenced songs written for nylon-strung classical guitar and voice – including her 2013 album “0” and on 2018’s “qp”. Her music featured prominently in the soundtrack to the 2019 video game The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. She has collaborated with Japanese legend Ryuichi Sakamoto and American sound artist Taylor Deupree; with Sakamoto’s Yellow Magic Orchestra colleague Haruomi Hosono; with Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco (they duetted on a song for a whisky advert); and with Japanese producer and multi-instrumentalist Cornelius (“she’s such a genius,” he says, “she brings such focus and intensity to what she does, and she’s an incredibly talented guitarist – even though she’d only been playing for two years when I met her!”). There have been collaborations with Japanese hip hop producer Sweet William and with Japanese indie band MahiToThePeople. Canadian violinist Owen Pallett has cited her as an inspiration, comparing her compositions to those of Burt Bacharach (“I’ve never been so blindsided by a musician as I was by Ichiko Aoba”). Ichiko has also worked on several stage productions: 9 Days Queen by Go Aoki, a production of Cocoon written and directed by Takahiro Fujita, and a revival of Lemming by Shuji Terayama.

Ichiko Aoba


One woman band

Hi, I’m Polina – psychic medium, astrologer, energy healer, and ascension coach. I specialise in channelling and reprogramming the mind and body. I combine my ability to channel spirit with out-of-body states to help people understand their unconscious patterns and reform their realities.