Almost Transparent Blue


Our memories of those who died in the pandemic.

Artist Profile

Kang Le

Kang Le, born in Taiwan, with majors in law and philosophy, is a self-taught visual creator. Taking the society in which he lives as the subject, he captures symbolized time and space as well as individuals that serve as microcosms of historical and cultural lineages. His themes touch on the movements and confluence of groups of people, yet without assuming or inferring their situations or tastes. Instead, he translates the consciousness developed by the groups and impressions of their personal lives into photographs.


DirectorKang Le

Director's Statement:

In this video, I try to turn the sky into a vessel for memories. Every day, the Taiwanese CDCpublishes the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths from the previous day. Afterward, I take a picture of the sky and superpose them with a kind of multiple exposure technique. As the video plays, you cannot distinguish between the first day’s sky and the tenth day’s, just as we will never learn the names of the deceased but an ever-growing number. Can photography capture collective memories? Or does it only convey personal emotions? I have no answer yet. However, these days, if you gaze into the sky, you and I see a strikingly similar view.