Dungeon is an animation made from photographs of photographs. The elements that make up the film come from prints found in magazines, books, and posters. These images, degraded or even torn, are marked by materiality. They were photographed before being reworked and animated.

Artist Profile

Jérémy Griffaud

Born in 1991, lives and works in Nice, France. By questioning the issues of his time, Griffaud parallels, for example, the preservation of biodiversity and the body-built staging of oneself as in the projects Contre-Nature and Landstrength. By hijacking clichés anchored in the collective imagination, Griffaud produces absurd or parodic works that draw on the contours of his singular universe and a fantasy world.


Director Jérémy Griffaud
Writer Jérémy & Julien Griffaud
D.O.P Julien Griffaud
Sound Jean-Yves Griffaud