Hermanos Caídos


A carefree couple walks by an ancient and forgotten place. someone notices their presence. someone who’s been waiting for them for a long time.

Artist Profile

Carlos Ferragut Alonso

Carlos Ferragut (Madrid, 1985) studies film directing and camera and lighting at the ECAM and Septima Ars film schools. He also has a degree in Geography and History from the UNED and a Piano Degree from the Salamanca Conservatory. He has written and directed the short films "First Day", "The Strange Man from Norway" and "Fall Brothers", as well as various advertising jobs. He has also collaborated on numerous projects as director of photography or in various post-production assignments. Since 2016 he has been part of the production company Unidad Astronómica.


Production Company: astronomical unit

Cast: Ita Hardessen ,Jose Ilarraz

Director of photography: Carlos Ferragut

Film editor: Carlos Ferragut

Scriptwriter: Carlos Ferragut