An expressive composition (piano, tenor saxophone, and sampled kitchen sounds) gave rise to a visual narrative around an animated teacup. Starting with the cup struggling to turn them right side up and ending with an unusual cup of tea, TEATIME! symbolizes the resistance (with a hint of regret) against the traditional gender roles and subjugation experienced by many women, particularly those of the older generations.

Artist Profile

Connective Tissue

Connective Tissue is a creative team formed by Rachel Beckles Willson (composer, multi-instrumentalist, writer) and Lin Li (artist-filmmaker). They started collaborating remotely (between London and Edinburgh) during the lockdown in 2020. Using sound, music, and images they explore invisible threads linking people and spaces. They follow intergenerational connections and disconnections, along with intercultural continuity and friction. Their work is often at the interface of embodiment and transience, sensing and nonsensing.


Director Connective Tissue
Editor Lin Li