Writing Images

Conceived and curated by Arun Nura

Writing Images intends to reflect upon art beyond its traditional techniques. The use of machines via programming language and commands to produce imageries invokes upon Sol Lewitt’s concept of an idea becoming a machine that makes the art, and this session aims to engage in conversations about such advancements in digital art and techniques.

As part of the AlterWave program, it brings together digital artists who are using creative coding languages to interact with machines in order to create images.

Participating Artists

Snow Yunxue Fu
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Snow Yunxue Fu is a New Media Artist, Curator, and Assistant Arts Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Using topographical computer-rendered images and installations, her practice merges historical, post-photographic, philosophical, and painterly explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the techno sublime.



Working with post-photographic imaging technologies such as 3D Simulation, AR, XR, and the Metaverse, her practice echoes the investigations of historical Chinese and Western painters who peered into our capacity to experience the sublime in nature.



Fu’s work has exhibited globally and her work has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Pearl River Delta Art News. She has presented her research at School of the Art Institute of Chicago; University of Chicago; China Academy of Art, Tsinghua University; SIGGRAPH; SIGGRAPH Asia; International Symposium on Electronic Art; Chinese American Art Faculty Symposium; and The Center of Chinese Art at William Paterson University. Most recently, she has built and curated exhibitions and events in the VR WSPark – Metaverse Exhibition Project, co-hosted by the DSLCollection. Her work has been collected by the Duende Art Museum in Guangdong, China; Ellen and Richard Sandor Family Collection; Current Museum of Art; multiple NFT collections, and, at the age of five, by the National Art Museum of China.

Jason Ting
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Jason Ting is a new media artist based in New Haven, Connecticut. He uses a variety of creative coding tools to create abstract animated visuals that explore the interaction of form, color, and motion. His work is inspired by forces found in nature, geometric patterns, and light.

Jason Ting is fascinated by phenomena found in the natural world: the aesthetics of waves and fluid motion, gravitational and magnetic forces, sound vibrations yielding visual patterns, and the way light and color mix during sunsets. He recently released his newest artwork, „Bubble Blobby“, on Art Blocks. The initial inspiration came from seeing a video of water droplets in zero gravity – he was delighted by its playful morphing as the droplets floated around.

Kathik Dondeti
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Karthik Dondeti Is an Architect, Generative Artist based in Bangalore, India.

He holds an MDesS in Design and Technology from Graduate School of Design, Harvard University and a B.Arch from SPA, Delhi. He has in the past worked as a Computational Designer with Research programs at the Sustainable Design Lab, MIT and Visual Computing Group, Harvard University.

​ Karthik is a founder of Voxelscapes – an Architecture and Computational Design studio and a co-founder of Codebalé – Generative Art studio based in Bangalore. He has been teaching courses on Architecture, Computational Design and Creative Coding at various colleges of architecture, art and engineering. ‘Digital’ is his primary medium of expression and apart from architecture and design, he dabbles extensively in authoring conceptual design tools, data visualizations, algorithmic and data driven art and real-time graphics programming.

Gala Phenia
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Born in Sinaloa, México, Gala Phenia is a Specialist in Multimedia Design graduated from the National Institute Of Fine Arts Design School.

Her artistic experience began with self-portraits that she made intuitively, taking up experiences, feelings and personal stories. She is currently in an exploration of multimedia resources that have led her to develop her visual language to other levels.

“Phenia ” is the name given to the multimedia project developed from the personal exploration of the sensual, the surreal, the phantasmagoric of urban environments, mental disorders and the portrait as an exercise to meet others at deep levels of complicity.

Her exhibitions have been presented with a variety of techniques, from collage to generative art.

Her photography and collage has been exhibited in Mexico City in the Toy Museum and the Museum of World Cultures, also in Saudi Arabia in the collective exhibition Hamasat and Bursa Photofest in Turkey. With generative and audiovisual art, it has been presented at the Museum of Constitutions in Mexico and at the Lightbox venue in New York City.

About the Curator

Arun Nura

Hailing from Kerala, India – Arun Nura started off as an engineer in 2011. A few years later, he changed course to work for Osianama Cinefan in Liberty Cinemas — in Mumbai.

Since then, his work has involved animations, photo-manipulations and freelance. He is an alumnus of SPHERE’s Year-round programming.

His growing interest and practice in new media, art and technology lead this collaboration with World Cinema Carniva’s inaugral edition of AlterWave.